Slingshot Student Testimonials

I started playing disc golf in 2020 throwing 350ft. I saw Slingshot’s YouTube and everything instantly clicked, this guy spoke my language. I went from not even being able to throw past the farthest hole on my home course to outdriving a 560ft par 4 off the tee. Slingshot has helped me become a better player and even a better person. I believe that I can make it on the Pro Tour thanks to Coach.

Cola Di Tullio

PDGA #193478

I joined Slingshot because I wanted to figure out what the pros were really doing. I hurt my shoulder in March 2022, and worked on form by May-July everyday but still felt uncoordinated. Now that I have been working with Coach T I can touch up to 500ft.

I have had shoulder and elbow issues in the past and this course has helped me obtain proper technique which has mitigated injuries. I have a great deal of gratitude for the continued pursuit of perfection by Coach T to make quality content that will help many people throw further and more efficiently.

Lee Wadlington

Coming from Golf I thought disc golf form would come easy. But I still could not get past the 300-350ft barrier. I was ready to go back to golf. The I realized without the proper feedback I wouldn’t be able to make any progress. In two months of working with Coach T I can now throw 350ft with a fraction of the effort and have even gotten a few throws out past 400-425′.

@Impasta – Chris

I really appreciate that Coach T forms his coaching around McBeth and only learning from the best. Before I joined I was destroying my arm throwing 320ft, but now throw over 400′ with a max of 435′.

Stratton Joyce

Student Spotlight

I’m seriously so excited that I finally pulled the trigger on coaching. I had felt stuck for a while. In one month I am driving farther standstill then my previous run up!

Mel Vargo

PDGA #210776

Without Slingshot and the work Coach T has put in I would be chasing a vague feeling. Instead of spinning my wheels I have a specific goal to work towards and don’t have to worry about getting discouraged or confused. 400ft is now in sight!


After working with Slingshot I feel more coordinated and deliberate with the throw; when I do make errors I can feel the form and know what part of it was lacking and make conscious changes for the next throw.
My overall distance gained was ~70ft (~380′->450′) but my controlled distance gained +125ft (250′->375′).


He sees potential in me that I am starting to see in myself. When I think my form is good, he says no I won’t let you settle with that when I know you can be one of the best there are. Coach T really goes out of his way to help when he sees me struggling.

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