Slingshot Patreon Website Explained

First of all, thank you for your patience as we transition the website to live and available to everyone. This page should help answer some questions about what it means to be a Slingshot Patreon and what to expect moving forward.

Website Goal

The main purpose of the website is to replace Patreon. Patreon is a difficult platform to track all of the different types of coaching requests. The website will help facilitate the different types of coaching (slingshot university – the take home coaching video program; office hours – the livestreams where you interact with coach; and form reviews – where you get a small video reply back).

That being said, don’t immediately cancel your Patreon membership for the website. As a special thank you to everyone who has been an early supporter, your current Patreon memberships map over to the website for no extra charge.

Patreon Tier Breakdown

  • $25 tier – gets a form review 1x month (public price: $50)
  • $50 tier – gets the office hour livestreams (public price: $100)
  • $100 tier – gets the office hour, plus a 60min one on one with coach (public price: $100 office hour, one on one doesn’t have a public offer)
  • $200 tier – gets the Slingshot University, and office hours, and one on one meeting (public price: $300 university)
  • All tiers – Discounts on the website for at least the next 8 months (May-December 2023)

This structure aligns with the current benefits on the Patreon. So, as an example, if you are in the $25 tier, you will see a free form review credit in your account. You are welcome to buy more form reviews each month, but you will still get your free review added each month. The $50 tier, you will see the Office Hours button change on your dashboard from Buy Office Hours to Office Hours Info. That button will direct you to the next livestream dates and a link to upload your form.

What do I need to do?

In order to make sure you have a smooth transition to the new website, do the following:

  1. Register an account:
  2. Click the Connect Discord button on your dashboard
  3. Goblue goes through the Patreon list daily to sync accounts with the website. You will know your account has been synced if you see the “Patreon Sync” Announcement on your dashboard.
    • If you don’t see that announcement, reach out to goblue on discord in the patreon channels or a DM and he will assist


Discord is still being used as a platform to host the livestreams and interact with the Slingshot Community in chat. Syncing your Discord username in the Slingshot Account Dashboard will open up new channels to you depending on if you have access to the University, Office Hours, or have a Form Review. You can sync your discord username with your Slingshot account using the “Connect Discord” button on the dashboard.

Any special channels on Discord that had coaching videos and drills are going to stay available. You don’t lose access to those channels if you are still in your Patreon Tier.

New Website Architecture

Welcome to the long awaited Slingshot website. Here is the structure in more detail:

  • – Main Landing Page
    • Easy to remember website the lets you jump to your account, to the merch store, or to see the latest blog/video posts
  • – Slingshot Account Dashboard & Slingshot App
    • Slingshot Account portal where you can watch the Slingshot University course, get form reviews, sign up for the weekly livestreams. Basically this portal is where you manage all your coaching interactions.
  • – Merch Store (Merch coming soon)

Slingshot University

Slingshot University is the location for the new coaching program. This program contains over 2 hours of content and is meant to be done over the span of 3-6 months. The program goes into extreme detail on the Slingshot throw and what the pros are doing with their bodies for max distance.

If you have access to the University, you will see a Learn menu item on the left side of your Slingshot Account. If you don’t have access, you should see multiple places to buy in the account dashboard or website. Reach out if you have any questions.

One on One Coaching

One on one coaching isn’t in the Slingshot Dashboard. That is still being done through Calendly. Reach out to goblue for the link if you have lost access to schedule coaching meetings.

Office Hours

Office Hours is the new structure for the coaching livestreams. Coach will be holding a weekly meeting where he will be available in the livestream to answer questions and review form.

If you have access to the Office Hours, you will see the Office Hours Info button on your account Dashboard. This button will give you information on the Office Hours Schedule and a link to upload your form for review during the livestream. If you don’t have access, you should see multiple places to buy in the account dashboard or website. Reach out if you have any questions.

Form Reviews

Form Reviews will be handled using a new credit system. Each credit will give you a new form review. When you redeem a credit, you will be assigned a workflow to accomplish to get started:

  • A survey will be assigned to you to let you give answers to questions about your Form Review
  • A task will be assigned to you to upload your form review files
    • Click Task Complete to submit your form review files to coach. The review will not begin until that task has been marked complete!

You should see a section on your dashboard that lets you know how many form review credits you have. If it is blank, then you don’t have any credits. To redeem, click on the Use Form Review credits button. If you don’t have any credits, you should see a button to buy form review where you can then purchase credits. Reach out if you have any questions.

How to Upload Files

Form Review:

  1. Get a Form Review Credit and Redeem it in the Slingshot Account Dashboard
  2. Fill out the Form Review Workflow Survey
  3. Go to the Form Review Task assigned and upload your files
    • Preferably a side and behind view
  4. Mark the Task Complete
  5. Done


  1. Click on the Office Hours Info button on the Slingshot Account Dashboard
  2. Click on the livestream date that you wish to upload your form files
  3. On the Upload link, click Choose Files
  4. Enter your Name and Email address and click Upload
    • Putting your Discord Username in the Last Name Field is preferred but not required
  5. Done

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